Gods of Faerûn

Encountered Gods

Bhaal bg_symbol_of_bhaal_tattoo_by_morowyn-d5wl70f.jpg

Bhaal is the Lord of Murder, whose followers pay tribute to him by performing ritual murders. He is worshipped by those who venerate death, especially ritual or violent death. His symbol is a skull on a disc, surrounded by swirling tears.

Lathander lathandr.jpg

Lathander, aka the Morninglord, is the god of spring, dawn, birth, athletics, and self-perfection. His symbol is a rosy pink wooden disc.

Mielikki Mielikki_symbol.jpg

Mielikki, Lady of the Forest, is the goddess of forests, druids, autumn, dryads, and rangers. Her symbol is the head of a unicorn, facing to the left. She is closely allied with two of the other deities of nature: Eldath and Silvanus. Her followers are taught to embrace the the wild, and not fear it, and that nature can live in harmony with civilization.

Torm Torm_symbol.jpg

Torm, The Loyal Fury, is the god of duty, loyalty, obedience, and of those who face danger to further the cause of good. His symbol is an upright metal gauntlet, right-handed, with palm forward. He is worshipped by paladins, loyal warriors, and those who dedicate their lives in obedience to another. Torm is not worshipped by many, and is not considered to be a powerful god.

Tymora Tymora.gif

Tymora, also known as Lady Luck, is the goddess of good fortune. She is worshipped often by adventurers and others who require a fair amount of luck in addition to skill. Her symbol is a simple silver coin.

All Gods

Good Deities

  • Chauntea – agriculture, farmers, gardeners, summer
  • Deneir – glyphs, images, literature, scribes, cartography
  • Eldath – quiet places, springs, pools, peace, waterfalls
  • Gwaeron Windstrom – tracking, rangers
  • Ilmater – endurance, suffering, martyrdom, perseverence
  • Lathander – spring, dawn, birth, youth, vitality, athletics
  • Lliira – joy, happiness, dance, festivals, freedom, liberty
  • Lurue – talking beasts, intelligent, nonhumanoid creatures
  • Mielikki – forests, forest creatures, rangers, dryads, autumn
  • Milil – poetry, song, eloquence
  • Mystra – magic, spells
  • Nobanion – royalty, lions and feline beasts, good beasts
  • Selûne – moon, stars, navigation, prophecy, questers, good and neutral lycanthropes
  • Sharess – hedonism, sensual fulfillment, festhalls, cats
  • Shiallia – woodland glades, woodland fertility, the High Forest, Neverwinter Wood
  • Sune – beauty, love, passion
  • Torm – duty, loyalty, obedience, paladins
  • Tymora – good fortune, skill, victory, adventurers
  • Tyr – justice
  • Valkur – sailors, ships, favorable winds, naval combat

Neutral Deities

  • Akadi – elemental air, movement, speed, flying creatures
  • Azuth – wizards, mages, spellcasters in general
  • Garagos – war, skill-at-arms, destruction, plunder, clutching swords
  • Gond – artifice, craft, construction, smithwork
  • Grumbar – elemental earth, solidity, changelessness, oaths
  • Helm – guardians, protectors, protection
  • Hoar – revenge, retribution, poetic justice
  • Ibrandul – caverns, dungeons, the Underdark
  • Ishtishia – elemental water, purification, wetness
  • Jergal – fatalism, proper burial, guardian of tombs
  • Kossuth – elemental fire, purification through fire
  • Oghma – knowledge, invention, inspiration, bards
  • Red Knight – strategy, planning, tactics
  • Savras – divination, fate, truth
  • Shaundakul – travel, exploration, caravans, portals
  • Siamorphe – nobles, rightful rule of nobility, human royalty
  • Silvanus – wild nature, druids
  • Tempus – war, battle warriors
  • Ubtao – creation, jungles, Chult, the Chultans, dinosaurs
  • Ulutiu – glaciers, polar environments, arctic dwellers
  • Uthgar – the Uthgardt barbarian tribes, physical strength
  • Waukeen – trade, money, wealth

Evil Deities

  • Auril – cold, winter
  • Bane – strife, hatred, tyranny, fear
  • Beshaba – random mischief, misfortune, bad luck, accidents
  • Bhaal – death (especially violent or ritual murder)
  • Cyric – murder, lies, intrigue, deception, illusion
  • Gargauth – betrayal, cruelty, political corruption, powerbrokers
  • Loviatar – pain, hurt, agony, torment, suffering, torture
  • Malar – hunters, stalking, bloodlust, evil lycanthropes
  • Mask – thieves, thievery, shadows
  • Myrkul – autumn, corruption, the dead, decay, dusk, exhaustion, old age, parasites, wasting
  • Orcus – undead
  • Shar – dark, night, loss, forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets, caverns, dungeons, the Underdark
  • Talona – disease, poison
  • Talos – storms, destruction, rebellion, conflagrations, earthquakes, vortices
  • Umberlee – oceans, currents, waves, sea winds
  • Velsharoon – necromancy, necromancers, evil liches, undeath

Gods of Faerûn

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