East Van Stabbing Party

Broken Spire Keep

and conversations with bears

Party Roster:

Date: 20th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince (Note: this day was the summer solstice)

The party set out with Kuiper, heading into the thornwood. After crossing the Churnett river, they saw three huge frogs, which promptly jumped into the water. They then made their way up Hog’s Brook. At the end, they made their way south east, encountering some orc tracks, which led south west, away from where the keep supposedly was.

On the morning of their first night in the woods, a black bear approached the camp. Sephora charmed it, and then spoke to it, learning that there seem to be some humans who operate to the west. It left, after being told where it could find some delicious giant frogs.

Heading west, the party quickly encountered the keep, with it’s partially collapsed tower. Hiding in the woods to the south, they observed the keep, watching some riders come and go.

Night set in, then a huge rain storm began, deafening all sounds in the area. The party approached the keep, with Hogart sliding harmlessly into a pit trap. After climbing out, he climbed up the side of the keep, with the rest of the party following. Mialee’s familiar scoped out the courtyard, identifying where the inhabitants were.

In disguise as a keep inhabitant, Mialee descended into the courtyard, investigating the woodstores, discovering a door leading down into a cellar. The others followed her down there, where they found a dungeon. Continuing down the hallway, the aroused the ire of several dogs in a side room, and a woman emerged to investigate. Mialee managed to convince her that everything was okay, but it was clear this woman was deranged.

Continuing down the hallway, they came across an altar of Bhaal, guarded by two zombies. As Sephora turned them, and the heroes dispatched them, the mad woman re-emerged, trying to sneak up behind the party. But Hogart lay in wait, and as she peeked around the corner, he soundlessly slit her throat.

Just as the zombies were being put down, another bandit came down the far side of the hallway, knocking on a secret door, delivering a tray of cooked meat. After he left, the party set up a trap, knocking on the door again. A zombie emerged, and it was quickly slain. The party ran in, discovering several other zombies, as well as the priest of Bhaal bearing an eyepatch – the one who had ambushed them along the river. Several focused attacks caused him to panic, and he fled into the adjoining room.

While dealing with the zombies, Sheena pushed furniture up against the door, trapping the priest out of the room. Some orcs then started trying to break the door down, but Hogart dumped flaming oil on the ground there. As the zombies were dealt with, the priest started smashing the door in as well, using his flail.

The wizards put the two orcs to sleep, but the priest woke them up again. A few more spells were exchanged, and the priest grabbed a box from behind his bed, and he fled, followed by the orcs, one of whom was limping, an arrow sticking out of his thigh.

As the party approached the door out of which the priest had fled, they were confronted by an unnatural darkness, which no torch would light.

Date: 22th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince (very early morning)

Enemies slain:

  • Bandit thief – 50xp
  • Zombies (8) – 50xp * 8 = 400xp
  • Skeletons (2) – 50xp * 2 = 100xp

Total from enemies: 550xp

Learning from the black bear: 100xp

Treasure acquired:

  • Garrote

Total xp: 650

XP per person: 109xp per person (includes Kuiper)



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