East Van Stabbing Party

A Traitor in the Midst?

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Apprentice
  • Maggy the Dwarven Veteran
  • Mialee the Elven Veteran-Medium
  • Sephora the Acolyte
  • Sheena the Medium

Date: 9th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

The party was met again in the morning by Thakinfar, who was authorised by the Castellan to pay 10gp per hobgoblin ears, as well as offer 10gp per other monstrous ears (such as orcs) and possibly more for tougher monsters. He also offered 200gp per person if they would continue their working on clearing and mapping out the caves area. They were also introduced to Sephora, a new acolyte, who joined them on their quest. Thakinfar then led them to the bank, where he paid out gold for the goblin and hobgoblin ears. The party then deposited their money and purchased equipment. They also rested for three days to recover from wounds received.

The party approached Blukinfar, the priest of Lathander, requesting more healing potions. An acolyte suggested that a recently-arrived priest of Tymora may also have some for sale. Blukinfar was only able to offered 2 potions at 100gp each. Blukinfar also informed them of the archery competition that will occur in six days. He offered to sponsor Hogart and Mialee, and the prize will be 100gp.

The party then tracked down Batuzh, the priest of Tymora, who was accompanied by his two acolytes, each under a vow of silence. Batuzh was willing to sell two potions for 175gp each.

After that, the party set out to explore the marsh to the south of the river. Crossing without event, they encountered a mound which turned out to be a home to several aggressive lizardmen. After a quick battle, where they poured burning oil into the top of their home, the few remaining lizardmen and their young fled. Inside the mound, the party found a few eggs and some simple weapons.

The party then headed north, camping for the night in the forest near the meadow, to approach the undead being in the burial mound again. Sephora tried to use his ability to turn undead, but it only had the effect of enraging the creature. After calming down, he revealed more information, and seemed to recall the name Batuzh as being one of the other members of the church of Bhaal, subordinate to Norkuling.

The party then set off in search of the caves again, this time approaching them from the top of the valley, rather than from the floor. Discovering a cave hidden behind a bush, Maggy stuck her head inside, quickly pulling them back when two arrows came flying towards them, fired by gnolls who had heard them coming. Sheena quickly put all four of them to sleep, and the party dispatched them. Exploring deeper, they encountered eight more – 3 males, 5 females. Mialee put four of them to sleep, but the rest attacked. Once two more fell, the other two retreated to go find backup.

The party then withdrew from the caves and decided to head back to the Keep.

End date: 14th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince.

Monsters slain:
Lizardmen: 7 * 25xp = 175xp
Gnolls: 6 * 20xp = 120xp

Treasures gained:

22 cp
16 sp
9 ep
= 6.32xp

Bonus for interrogating the creature in the mound and interactions with Blukinfar: 500xp

Total xp: 801.22 / 5 * 5% = 168xp each

On Goblins and Hobgoblins

On the night of the 7th of Mirtul, after the first encounters with the goblins in their cave, followed by the pursuing Hobgoblins (who then withdrew), the group withdrew from the canyon of the caves into the forest to camp for the night. After finding a suitable spot, everyone hunkered down and brought out the provisions. Munching on a slice of bread with some cheese, Hogart asks, “What were those other creatures? I’ve seen goblins before, once, but never those others. They were like bigger, meaner goblins, and yet uglier, if that’s possible.”

“Those were hobgoblins, and they are bigger, meaner, uglier, stronger, and much smarter than their distant goblin cousins,” replied Mialee. “I have studied their language and their ways, and they are uncivilized and cruel, and long to wage war against the civilized world. They will take slaves, both as food and as forced labour. My people have waged war with them since we first came into contact.” Mialee spits harshly at the ground beneath her feet.

“Aye, as have my people against the goblins,” spits Maggy as well. “These brutes may be weak and small, but they breed more than anything else that walks on two legs, and we are losing our battle against them. They are driving us from the north, and we do not have the strength to stand in their way. Every if for every dwarf that was killed, we could kill one thousand goblins, their numbers would still be too many. I spit at them and their accursed Maglubiyet!”

“Speak not his name!” retorted Mialee quickly. “You never know when Fiery-Eyes may be listening.”

“Fiery eyes?” asked Sheena.

“The accursed deity of both of these cruel races,” explained Mialee. “They say he is a goblin as tall as a giant, black skinned, with flames flickering out of his eyes. I have heard that he calls Acheron his home”

“You both know so much about these races. What do you know that may help us tomorrow?” inquired Sheena further.

“They are both brutish races, but the goblins are less organized and more fearful. Both respect strength and fear magic, and both are ruled by the strongest amongst them. If their leader is removed, others will try and rise up to take their place, possibly involving conflicts amongst themselves. Removing their chieftains will deal them significant blows,” elaborated Maggy. “Now the sun is set, and it may be a long night to be so close to these foul creatures. I will retire. Wake me when it is my watch.”

Somewhere, way off in the distance, a wolf could be heard howling.

Drive them out!

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Apprentice
  • Maggy the Dwarven Veteran
  • Mialee the Elven Veteran-Medium
  • Sheena the Medium

Date: 7th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

After driving the remaining hobgoblins back into the cave, the party withdrew, camping in the forest nearby. They returned at the break of dawn, only to watch as two gnolls forced two goblins to gather water and bring them to the upper levels of the canyon.

Proceeding into the goblin cave, they were spotted by two sentries, who quickly fled further into the tunnels. They found corpses piled up in nooks, and encountered resistance in the goblins’ common room. The chieftain’s guards emerged, while the chieftain and his goblin-wives fled down a connecting tunnel. Mialee put them all to sleep, and they were quickly dispatched.

After ransacking the chieftain’s room (and recovering Maggy’s hand axe), the group pursued down through the tunnels and through a secret door, into the lair of the hobgoblins. They quickly came upon the hobgoblin chieftain’s room, where he was talking to the goblin chieftain. A very heated battle ensued, where Hogart was nearly slain, as were both chieftains and their wives.

After another guard escaped, the party withdrew and made their way back to the keep, being harassed at night by a lone skeleton on the edge of the meadow. They were greeted by Thakinfar, the Captain of the Watch, who heard their tales, invited them to feast on the Keep’s bill, and went to report to the Castellan.

End date: 9th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

Creatures slain:
1 skeleton (10 xp)
1 goblin chieftain (35 xp)
3 goblin elite guards (45 xp)
6 goblin females (0 xp)
8 goblins (40 xp)
1 hobgoblin chieftain (175 xp)
9 hobgoblins (135 xp)

Total xp from creatures: 440, or 110 per person (plus bonus)

Bonus xp for scouting out the caverns and slaying monsters for the Keep: 300xp per person (no bonus)

Treasures gained:

442 copper
726 silver
163 electrum
512 gold
32 platinum
1 silver cup
1 tapestry
1 belt studded with silvery gems
1 purple gem
1 potion of poison
37 goblin ears
8 hobgoblin ears
misc. food

Massacre at the Caves of Chaos

Party Roster:

  • Mialee the Elven Veteran-Medium
  • Sheena the Medium
  • Magdalena the Dwarven Veteran
  • Hogart the Apprentice

Date: 1st Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

The party journeyed for three days to Castellan keep, meeting with Thakinfar, the Captain of the Watch. He requests help hunting goblins and scouting the wilderness areas outside the Keep, offering a 5gp reward for each pair of goblin ears. Mialee met with Blukinfar, the priest at the temple of Lathander, The Morninglord, who gifted five potions of healing to the party upon their departure. Magdalena had a gruff encounter at the bank, where the clerk snubbed the amount of gold she wished to deposit. That evening, Thakinfar brought in a survivor of a caravan attack, who described how goblins raided their caravans, killing the guards and leading the merchants away. He ran and was not pursued.

The party set out the next day, the 5th of Mirtul, following the road east to where the caravan attack happened. They followed the trail north into the forest, camping a short distance later. Following the trail north later that day, they encountered a burial mound, fighting past four skeletons to meet a create in a large chamber. Enraged and half-restrained, the creature demanded the party bring him Norkuling, a worshipper of Bhaal, the Lord of Murder. He blamed Norkuling for the murder of him and his colleagues, and claims that Norkuling can be found to the east.

Heading east, the party crossed the road, camping on a hill on the other side. In the morning they followed a trail to the top of the hill, finding an ancient, disused druid circle. They went back to the road and headed north, quickly finding a concealed trail that led them to a valley, with a cave entrance on the left. Magdalena engaged the goblin inhabitants inside, alerting them to their presence. They gathered near the entrance, spears ready, but Mialee quickly put most to sleep. More came, and all were slain but one, who retreated. Another party came, which Sheena quickly set on fire with a flask of oil. The rest fled. From behind came a patrol of six hobgoblins. The party retreated out of the cave, hobgoblins following. Four were slain in the ensuing fight, and the two remainder retreated back into the cave.

Creatures slain:
4 skeletons (40 xp)
19 goblins (95 xp)
4 hobgoblins (60 xp)

Total xp: 195

Treasure gained:
190 cp, 74 sp

Session end date: 7th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince


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