East Van Stabbing Party

Death on the Moors

Party Roster:

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

The party emerged from the Garlstone Mines, back into the bright afternoon sunlight. They made their way back to Milborne, with new of Jelenneth’s rescue spreading as they approached. A good portion of the town was there waiting for them, including Andrenn, Jelenneth’s fiancé. Darius Carmen was also there, and exclaimed, “I guess this explains why you were not patrolling the New Mire as I had asked you.”

The party explained that they believe they had solved this mystery, but aren’t certain yet. They said the found some relics, but they had destroyed them, and were hoping the water would start to dissipate. Carmen said he would have to wait and see, and that hopefully some sign would show after two weeks. However, he paid the party their fee for the patrolling.

Kuiper rode off back to his farm, while the party spent the night feasting and drinking at the Baron of Mutton. The next day they set off, stopping by Kuiper’s farm, and learning that there has been no sign of Oleanne, though he commented that this wasn’t unusual. He would venture into the Thornwood in an attempt to contact her.

The party then rode on to Thurmaster, meeting with Tauster, who had acquired some new guard dogs. He sold a valuable pearl to Sheena, which she used to identify the ring acquired from the goblins. It is a ring of water elemental control, but the magic has malfunctioned, and it’s leaking energy from the elemental plane of water into this world. Tauster provided the party with a note to Darius Carmen, giving his authority that he believes the ring was indeed causing the growth of the New Mire.

While they were eating at the Hound and Tails, the party was approached by the sour Squire Marlen, who informed them that Count Parlfray would have them at his keep, as soon as possible. After finishing with Tauster, the party set out immediately.

Upon arrival they learned that some followers of Lathander were expected to have arrived several days ago, but there has been no sign of them. They were to be coming over Howler’s Moor, and the Count is organising search parties to go out looking for them.

After retelling the vision that Sephora had of the cleric of Mielikki trapped in a stone room, the Count went white as a sheet, clamming up and avoiding all talk about such things. That night, the Mialee used her new familiar to explore the keep, finding no signs that anyone was being held captive. After being confronted in the morning about their snooping, the party charmed the Count, yet he still would not reveal what it was he was withholding. Instead, they convinced him to let his son Lyntern come out on patrol with them.

The party set off immediately, heading straight north across the blasted landscape, encountering nothing on the first day. At night, wolf-life howling noises could be heard coming from far off points, lasting about a minute.

Later the next day, the party came across animals, attacking two humanoids, who were trying to defend themselves. The animals turned out to be two-headed dogs. Two continued to attack the wounded humans, while the other four blocked the path towards the party. A fight ensued, and four of the dogs were slain, and the remaining two fled. One of the humans was also killed, but Sephora managed to heal the remaining one. He was a bodyguard for the clerics of Lathander, and he claimed that they were assaulted and the clerics were taken. He noted one prominent feature of one of the assailants: he had a mop of bright red hair.

Returning back to the Keep after one more night, the Count was furious to learn that he had been manipulated into letting his son come close to danger. After some arguing, the Count relented, explaining that his ancestors had previously built a Keep deep in the Thornwood, yet the inhabitants were all massacred while the Lord was away. This tained history has brought shame to the Parlfray family, and each has been forbidden to speak of it. The Count believes that it is likely that the bandits will be hiding out there.

The party set out immediately, meeting up with Kuiper, who was eager to join them. He also had not seen any more signs of Oleanne during his last few days spent in the Thornwood.

Date: 20th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Enemies slain:

  • Death dogs (4): 400xp

Enemies escaped:

  • Death dogs (2): 50xp

XP from enemies: 450xp

Treasure acquired:

  • 50gp per person from Darius Carmen
  • 50gp per person from Tauster

XP from treasure: 500xp

XP per person: 190xp

The Rescue of Jelenneth
Also: Going Cave Fishing!

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Warrior-Seer
  • Sephora the Adept
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

After recovering from the damaging piercer attack, the party examined the shaft leading down to the lower levels. The acrid scent of burning oil filled their noses, the effect of some oil lanterns burning at the bottom of the ladder.

Descending, they investigated the first side-chamber, encountering a cabin, wherein could be heard men gambling at a dice game. Upon encountering them, the party informed them that they were looking for Jelenneth. One of the men offered to take them to Imrin, who he claimed may have more information.

He led them back through the other tunnel, but was spotted by Caswell the halfling, bound and gagged on Hogart’s back. Caswell squirmed and moaned as loudly as possible, giving away Hogart’s hiding position. The man lept back, drawing his sword, yelling “Betrayers!” He attacked, yelling to further down the cavern, where another man emerged from a cabin. The other men joined the fray, but as they were cut down, one ran down the long tunnel, and the other ran back to his cabin, holding the door shut behind him.

Maggie and Hogart sped off after the one who fled, while Sheena jammed the door of the cabin with iron spikes, sealing the man inside. Kuiper and Mialee followed after Maggie and Hogart, while Sephora explored the far side of the cavern, discovering something shiny on a ledge at the far side of a dark pool. She followed the ledge, discovering a severed hand bearing two gold rings. As she grabbed it, a huge pale eel sprang from the water like a spear, lashing at her as she ran to safety, narrowly avoiding being dragged into the dark pool.

Chasing the other bandit, Maggie and Hogart encounter a swarm of zombies, led by the priest Imrin. A fierce battle ensued, but Imrin was subdued by Mialee’s sleep spell, and the rest of the zombies were put down.

At the end of the cavern, they found the lair of some cultists, with bedding and supplies strewn about, as well as an altar to Bhaal, recently used to give a sacrifice. At the back of the cavern, they found Jelenneth, bound and asleep. They roused her, learning that another prisoner, Rhaine, had been held here recently, and that other spellcasters are ferried elsewhere, while non-spellcasters are sacrificed on the altar. The cultists here seem to be in league with other groups operating in the area, and they sometimes exchange prisoners.

On the way out of the cave, they stopped to explore another side cavern. Upon entering the dark cavern, Sephora and Maggy were snagged by a sticky, strong line, which reel them up to near the roof of the cave, to where two cave fishers desired to make them their next meal. They tried to cut the lines with their weapons, but they all stuck or had no effect. Hogart and Kuiper climbed the wall up to the beasts, and Kuiper used his magical sort to cut Sephora’s line free, letting her tumble to the ground. She then blasted them all with the wand of paralysation, Kuiper and Hogart included. Using her scroll of remove paralysis, Hogart then took Kuiper’s sword, slew the two creatures and freed Maggy.

On the way out of the cave, they discovered that the other bandit had broken out of the cabin, and he was no where to be found.

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Enemies slain:

  • Human fighter Level 3 (2): 35 × 2 = 70xp
  • Human priest Level 4: 125xp
  • Zombies (10): 20 × 10 = 200xp

Enemies escaped:

  • Human fighter Level 3 (2)

XP from enemies: 395xp

Treasure acquired:

  • 10gp from one of the bandits
  • Priest scroll of cure light wounds, cure serious wounds, and remove paralysis
  • gold bracelet shaped like a writhing serpentine demoness
  • sapphire-set gold ring

XP from treasure: 1310xp

XP from rescuing Jelenneth: 2000xp

Total XP: 3705xp
Per party member (incl. Kuiper): 618xp
With 5% bonus: 648xp

Into the Garlstone Mines
And Ambushed Along the River!

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Warrior-Seer
  • Sephora the Adept
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 12th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

After taking the ring from the goblins, the party decided to seek out the wisdom of Shiraz, thinking she may be able to use the ring at the Eelhold. They skirted the Patchwork Hills, heading into the Thornwood, but then encountered the thick forest, where they couldn’t take their horses. The opted instead to head to the Eelhold and search for here there.

That night while camping in the grasslands, Sephora had an extremely vivid dream, potentially a vision from The Lady of the Forest herself, where she saw another cleric of Mielikki, potentially a druid, tied up and being beaten in a dark, stone-walled room by a tall human wearing an eye patch. At the cleric’s feet was a moon elf, also tied up, but this one was unconscious. He was garbed in wizard robes, and bore a silver ring set with a small ruby. The scene then suddenly changed, and she saw a young woman, with long black hair and green eyes in manacles and chained to the wall. At her feet lay a bright blue cloak. Her surroundings appeared to be that of an old, disused mine. Explaining her dream to the others, Mialee realised that the moon elf in the vision could be her lost lover.

The next day, they continued to the Eelhold to seek out Shiraz. Arriving in the morning, and waiting until the next morning, they encountered nothing, and then opted to head back to Garyld in Milbourne, where he could send her a message. He did so, and they would meet at the Eelhold in 2-3 days. They inquired about disused mines, and learned that the Garlstone mines were no longer in use. Garyld directed them to Old Grizzler, who sold them a map of the mines themselves.

They then visited Kuiper, who told them that the dream was likely a vision, as he had similarly received some from Chauntea previously. Upon learning of their plans to check out the Garlstone mines, Kuiper volunteered to join the party. They set out immediately camping along the river. At dawn they were attacked by the man with the eye-patch, accompanied by six fighters and archers. The fighters and archers were killed and subdued without difficulty, but the eye-patched spellcaster escaped, using a cloak that transformed into bat wings.

Three attackers were captured alive, but would not speak. They seemed to be in some kind of a trance. One eventually seemed to shake off the effects, but appeared to be amnesiac. After some debate, Kuiper told the amnesiac to seek out Garyld in the town, and the party untied the other two, who promptly sprinted for the river and started swimming across. They launched arrows at them, killing one, but the other made it across, and ran into the Thornwood.

The next day they made it to the mines, and had no problem finding the entrance. They entered, and Maggy triggered some kind of magical alarm, paralyzing her in the process, and emitting a screaming noise. Then footsteps could be heard running away from them, so the party gave chase while Hobart hid to protect Maggy. After the pursuers passed, a halfling slipped out of the shadows, brandishing a dagger and a wicked smile. He advanced up to Maggy, but Hogart slipped out behind him quietly, and stuck him in the back, wounding him slightly. The halfling screamed and cowered, dropping his weapons. He claimed they were wanders, who recently moved into the cave, setting the trap in case any unwanted orcs or goblins came in.

In the meantime, the others caught up with another halfling, who was running to the back of the cave. They quickly slew him, hid the body, and made their way back to the entrance. They tied up the other halfling, and carried him around while they explored the entrance level of the mine. While approaching a shaft to the next level, a piercer dropped from the ceiling, impaling Mialee and rendering her unconscious. She recovered by using two potions of healing.

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Enemies slain/captured:

  • Human fighter (2): 35 × 2 = 70
  • Human thief (3): 120 × 3 = 360
  • Halfling thief (2): 120 × 2 = 240

Treasure acquired:
161 gp
20 sp
1 ruby gem
high quality longbow
high quality longsword

XP: 933 total
Per person (shared with Kuiper): 156
with 5% bonus: 164xp each

The Mystery of the New Mire

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Warrior-Seer
  • Sephora the Adept
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 7th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Meeting with Darius Carman, the party learned more about the New Mire. He explained that it started two years ago, and he had already hired a diviner to look into the issue. The only conclusion that he came to was that it was caused by some kind of magic, and that it wasn’t evil. He offered the party some money to patrol the area, and a large sum of 1000gp if they could solve the problem.

They then went to meet Semheis, a local priest of Torm, who only recently came to Milbourne. He isn’t that well liked by the local population, who generally revere Lathander and Chauntea, and Semheis is too pushy for their tastes. He was unimpressed that Seph followed Mielikki. They did learn that he had seen robed figures wandering around the last few days.

That night, back at the Baron of Mutton, the kenku returned and attempted to break into the party’s room, but Maggy was on watch, and resisted a spell thrown at her. The kenku fled, and was cornered outside by Hogart. A quick struggle ensued, and as the burglar got away, another Kenku webbed everyone, and then _charm_ed Hogart. The kenku claim that the party took the orb from them, but learned otherwise. While the party was webbed outside, others rifled through their things, looking for the orb. After that, they fled south of the river.

The next day, the party travelled to Kuiper’s farm to ask if Kuiper would join them while patrolling the New Mire. He declined, but told them about Shiraz. If anyone would help, it might be her. He mentioned that Garyld will be able to introduce her to them. From Garyld they learned that she is highly nomadic, almost never spending the night in the same place in a row. She is often found up near the Eelhold or in the forested part of the Patchwork Hills. He sent one of his crows out to deliver a message to her.

Back at the Baron of Mutton, the party learned from some local miners that there seems to be some kind of water spirit at the Eelhold, and Shiraz consorts with it somehow. Following this lead, the next day, the party set off for the Eelhold, reaching it after noon the next day. After a close encounter with a giant eel, they patrolled the shores of the lake, noticing on the other shore a strange water vortex spraying high into the air. Shiraz showed up them, telling them about the water elemental and the nixie Shenjurath, and how Shenjurath exerts some kind of control over the elemental, but that is weakening.

Shiraz also mentioned that she is having problems with the Aarakocra, a small tribe of bird-men who have set up home in the forested part of the Patchwork Hills. They are beset by nasty humanoids, and aren’t very capable of defending themselves.

They then set off for the New Mire itself, learning that it started at a particular point near the edge of the Patchwork Hills, and has spread from there. Patrolling near that area, the party came upon some kids, hiding behind a rock, watching for something. After some talk, they learned that they had spied some blue-skinned creatures in the area earlier that week. After further patrol, the party came across a cave, populated by many goblins. The goblins were not aggressive, and just wanted to be left alone.

After some talk, it was noticed that the shaman was uncomfortable, and wore a ring resembling a tattoo that was etched on all of the goblin’s foreheads. The shaman claimed the ring was a personal gift to him from Maglubiyet, the god of goblins. The party promised to share some gold if the goblins could help them solve the mystery. After getting no where, they decided they would come back the next day.

They spent the night at one of the flooded farmer’s households, returning in the morning to the cave entrance. The shaman was waiting out by the entrance for them, and he was promptly charmed by the wizards. Worried that he would not be respected by the group anymore, he requested that the party give him another item with the design on it, and Mialee carved for him a crudely done staff out of a stick of wood. They also gave him a bag of 100gp in exchange for the ring.

Session end date: 12th Kythorn, Year of the Prince

Monsters slain: none
Treasure acquired:

  • Ring from Goblin shaman


  • Dealing with the Kenku: 50xp
  • Locating and retrieving the ring from the goblins: 2500xp
  • Bonus for role-playing: 250xp

Per person: 2550/5 = 560xp
With 5% bonus: 588xp

On Druids and Rangers

Sharing some ale around a table at the cozy Baron of Mutton, Maggy turns to Sephora. “So who exactly are those folk who are so comfortable in the forest? Oleanne and Kuiper, I mean. I thought elves were the only ones who lived in the wild like that. And what was with Garyld using crows as messengers?”

Mialee interjects quickly, “Not only elves become rangers, and I certain that Kuiper is one of them. As for Oleanne, I believe she is a druid. They have perhaps an ever closer relationship to nature than elvenkind. Sephora, as a Walker of the Forest Way*, can you tell us more about druids and rangers?”

“Well, both rangers and druids are definitely closer to nature than most people. Rangers tend to focus on the lines between civilisation and nature, often roaming the wildlands around rural settlements, while quietly protecting them from unknown dangers. They are skilled hunters and trackers, often focusing their skills on a particular kind of threat that exists in an area. I would guess that the people here in Haranshire don’t really know how much Kuiper and Garyld protect them from threats such as orcs.”

“Druids tend to frown upon civilisation. They are at home more in the wilds, scorning most non-organic clothing and items. From what I gather, they enjoy the company of animals than to that of people. Often they strive to maintain the natural balance that nature creates, often fighting or driving away the forces of evil, but also sometimes those of good, who would destroy nature for the good of their own.”

“Both druids and rangers have an affinity with animals, and are often able to communicate with them as easily as we communicate with each other. Garyld demonstrated this when he asked the crows to deliver a message. I have no doubts that Oleanne is in close communication with her wolves. I believe that druids can even change into animals for a time. Druids even have their own secret language. I believe that’s what Oleanne and Kuiper were speaking when we first encountered them.”

“Druids are not only confined to forests, I believe, though all of the ones I’ve met have been. But I have heard rumours of druids that dwell in plains and mountains, and I have even heard a rumour of one druid who tends to nature in a swamp. I suppose,” Sephora looks towards Maggy, " there could even be a druid of the desert. Though how anything can live in Anauroch is beyond me."

“Hah,” scoffs Maggy, “that’s a story for another night.”

  • A follower of the goddess Mielikki, the goddess of forests, rangers, dryads, and forest creatures.
From Thurmaster to Milborne and Back Again, and then Again!

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Veteran-Medium
  • Sephora the Acolyte
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 3rd Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

The party camped outside the walls of Thurmaster, and left for Kuiper’s farm in the morning. They met him there around noon, and he mentioned how he thought that Jelenneth could have gone looking for spell component’s along Hog’s Brook, as she sometimes does. With a lack of evidence pointing anywhere else, he suggested it was the best place to look. Accompanying him, the party crossed the river and wandered south into the Thornwood. After several hours of walking, they encountered the druid Oleanne and her two wolves. She mentioned that she was tracking a were-bear who seemed to be from Krynen’s farm, not far from Kuiper’s.

Short of any other leads, Kuiper wished to assist Oleanne in tracking down the were-bear, and as it was growing dark, his tracks were encountered. Because light would scare the were-bear away, the party settled down for the night. At dawn, they were attacked by a group of orcs, bearing a symbol on their shields. Screen_Shot_2014-08-27_at_5.20.55_PM.png

After the fight, Oleanne split off to track down the orcs, as it was not known that any were in the area. Kuiper continued tracking the were-bear’s foot prints, and eventually they found and captured him. On the way back to Kuiper’s farm, he transformed back into a human, and it turned out that it was Maxim, a young boy from Krynen’s farm. Kuiper suspects that wear-bearism runs through the Krynen’s genes. Kuiper also thought that the orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins present in the Great Rock Dale are the only known humanoids residing in the area, and if Jelenneth was captured, she could have been taken there.

Kuiper then asked the party to bring the news of the orcs to Garyld in Milbourne. They left for Milbourne, meeting Old Grizzler first. He seemed gruff and gluttonous, but was willing to talk about Kuiper, Garyld, and the Carmen family. He seemed disbelieving in Maggie’s story of having grown up in Anauroch, and became upset when asked about his past.

The party then met Garyld, and after hearing the news, sent a messenger crow to Shiraz, another ranger (like Kuiper and Garyld). Shiraz watches the western half of Haranshire, and if Jelenneth is there, Shiraz should be able to find some evidence somewhere. Garyld provided the party with a map of Haranshire, and suggested that they go update Andren, Jelenneth’s fiancé, with their progress.

The party went to the Baron of Mutton, and while updating Andren, were approached by a merchant who required hired muscle to escort some ore downriver from Milbourne to Thurmaster, paying 25gp per head. The party accepted and left in the morning. The trip down was uneventful, except for spotting some giant skunks and a few orcs on the edge of the Thornwood. Once in Thurmaster, they slept in the warehouse, guarding the ore overnight. After midnight, a group of undead (zombies and skeletons) were found gathered around the outer wall. Sephora quickly dispersed them all with Mielikki’s powers, and they were hunted down and killed. The next morning, guards from Count Parlfray’s Keep came to Thurmaster and took the ore. The party walked back to Milbourne.

On arrival, they found that an auction was taking place at the market place, and learned that a family was selling off their farming tools to help pay for food, as their farm had become waterlogged. Farms to the southwest of Milbourne seem to be becoming waterlogged for no apparent reason, and they’ve been unable to grow any food there in recent months. Heading back to the Baron of Mutton, Barthe informed the party that Darius Carmen, owner of the mines and of many farms around Milbourne, wished to speak to the party immediately.

End date: 7th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Monsters slain:

Orcs (7) – 7 * 10 = 70xp
Orc leader (1) – 20 xp
Zombies (3) – 20 * 3 = 60xp
Skeletons (8) – 10 * 8 = 80xp
Werebear (1) – 275xp

Treasure received from orcs:
92 cp
70 sp
1 gold brooch set with gems

Payment from Tauster: 250gp
Payment from Merchant: 125gp

Total xp: 2137.92
Per person: 427.58
With 5% bonus: 449xp

The party heads to Haranshire

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Veteran-Medium
  • Sephora the Acolyte
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 20th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

Returning after slaying Batuzh, the party talked to Thakinfar and Blukinfar, who were grateful for the assistance. They then set off the next day for Tilverton, to run an errand for a wizard there. En route, they were ambushed early in the night be a group of lightly armed and equpped men, who left no signs as to their identity. They were quickly dispatched, and the rest of the journey to Tilverton was uneventful.

While there, they learned some news of the Realms:

  • Zhentil Keep has soundly defeated the navies of Melvaunt and Mulmaster, and are now uncontested on the Moonsea.
  • Archendale seems to be raising an army, with no clear purpose. Sembia has increased the guards on its caravans into the Dalelands as a result,
  • Lashan, former leader of Scardale, who attempted to conquer the Dalelands recently, has been spotted in Tilverton and Arabel.
  • Ghorri, Patriarch of Gond has vanished from his temple in Tilverton.

They met Gordrenn, who hired them to take a chest of supplies to the wizard Tauster in Thurmaster, in the community of Haranshire, located in Mistledale. The party purchased horses and then set off towards Tilver’s Gap.

After crossing the summit, they encountered a Cormyrean patrol, searching for Ghorri. A few days later, heavy rain set in, and the company came to the village of Haggash in the evening, learning that strange folk have been about lately, keeping to themselves and keeping their identities hidden. Investigating the abbey the next day, Hogart snuck into the abbey through a skylight, encountering the priest in his room. The priest claimed that the church was closed and was undergoing renovations. Hogart unlocked the front door, which made quite a noise, and the digging in the basement stopped. Rushing down the stairs, the party discovered a group of beings in the basement, digging up a spherical relic. The beings were Kenku, half-bird half-men, and very little is known about them. They claimed the relic was important to their history, and its powers would help their people earn the respect they felt they deserved. The party let them be, and went back to the inn to retrieve their horses. After passing the abbey again on their way out of town, a loud bell was heard ringing, and seemed to be emanating from the sky.

Two days later, the party reached the outskirts of Mistledale, and were ambushed by bandits disguised as farmers, one of whom singled out Sheena, yelling “take that one alive!”. They were dispatched, but the leader would not give any useful information. The party then passed through Milbourne, backtracking when they learned that Tauster’s apprentice Jelenneth was recently captured from the inn there. They met Jelenneth’s fiancé and father at the Baron of Mutton, where she disappeared. Both claim that it was very out of character for her to do so, and her bag of spell components was left in her room, yet there was no sign of a struggle. The party made it known that Sheena was a wizard, and was spending the night in the same inn, but no one came for her.

The next day they set off for Thurmaster, arriving in the evening. They delivered the goods to Tauster, an aging wizard, and received their pay from the sour Squire Marlen. Tauster paid them a small amount if they would help search for Jelenneth, urging them to talk to Kuiper, as he knows the land best, and has the best tracking skills in the area.

End date: 3rd Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince (you have been adventuring together for 33 days now!)

Monsters slain:

Bandit-cultists: 11 + leader (11 * 10 xp + 20 xp = 130xp)
Bandit-farmers: 8 + leader (8 * 10 xp + 20 xp = 100xp)

Bonus for not getting into a fight with the Kenku: 50xp

Treasure received:

Payment from Tauster: 550gp (550xp)

From bandits:
183sp (18.3xp)
49gp (49xp)

Total xp: 897xp
Per person: 180 * 5% = 189xp

Disrobing the Priest
Zombies in the basement?

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Apprentice
  • Maggy the Dwarven Veteran
  • Mialee the Elven Veteran-Medium
  • Sephora the Acolyte
  • Sheena the Medium

Date: 14th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

En route back to the Keep, while travelling on the road, the part spotted a group of six orcs, set up on the side of the road waiting to ambush anyone approaching from the other direction. They were quickly dispatched.

As the party neared the keep, the sun went down, and a strange light appeared on the walls, flashing on and off repeatedly in a strange pattern, as though it were signalling something to the south. The pattern lasted only about 30 seconds before disappearing completely.

The party then entered the keep, met Thakinfar, gave him an account of encountering the lizardmen in the swamp and the gnolls in the caves, and set off to the tavern to track down Batuzh, so-called priest of Tymora. He was not in the tavern, and the party didn’t want to risk him being home while they tried to break in, so they retired for the night. They spent the next day tracking him down, eventually learning that he had left the keep, supposedly travelling to Tilverton for supplies. If that was the case, he would be gone for at least six days.

Late that night, they broke into Batuzh’s apartment, rummaging around and find a key to the locked cellar door. Descending the stairs, two zombies attacked, one of them knocking Mialee out with a single blow. They found two other dead bodies in the corner. Heading back upstairs, they smashed open one chest, discovering purple priest robes and a symbol of Bhaal. Just then, the guards came running. They were asked by the guards to surrender their weapons and remain under house arrest while they investigated the house.

In the morning, the Castellan met with them, setting them free and thanking them for their efforts. He said they would arrest the priest upon his return, and the party offered to ambush him on the road in return for the items in his apartment. The party also suggested that the two bodies in the basement may be members of the caravan that was captured, and this was later confirmed.

The party then rested for a few days and planned out how they would ambush Batuzh. On the 18th, Hogart, Maggy and Mialee all particpated in the archery competition, sponsored by Blukinfar. In the morning, they each discovered that their rooms had been broken into and their bow strings cut. It seems that the stores also had no more bow strings available for sale. Fortunately Blukinfar had anticipated this, stating that some of the guards have problems with competing fairly, and he handed over some spare bow strings he had been storing for the occasion. After taking place in the competition, Maggy came out first, winning the prize of 100gp.

The party spent the day on the walls, watching for the priest’s return, but he did not come back. On the next day, he was spotted and the party went out to meet him. After a tense brief encounter, two successive spells put the priest, his acolytes, and the caravan he was travelling with to sleep. They were all tied up, and then Batuzh was successfully charmed.

He was interrogated, spilling lots of information, including that he was raising zombies in the cellar so that he could storm the gate one night, in order to help take over the keep. The cultists in the caves are gathering monsters to build an army to take the keep, and they’re using people kidnapped from caravans as food and to convert to undead. The caravans are attacked by bandits camped in the forest across the river, whom Batuzh was signalling. He also gave the name of another conspirator within the guards named Sharikingom.

He also mentioned that the temple of Bhaal is located at the top of the back of the box canyon where the caves are located, and there may be around 20 cultists present, and there is a throne and a bell which are trapped to summon undead guards.

One acolyte broke free of his bonds and tried to run away, but was shot down by the entire party. The party then dispatched Batuzh and the other acolyte. Returning to the gates, Thakinfar took Batuzh’s severed head, placed it on a pike, and set it outside the gate.

Session end date: 20th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

Creatures slain:

Orcs (6) – 10 × 6 = 60
Zombies (2) – 20 × 2 = 40
Cleric, 3rd level – 50
Cleric, 1st level (2) – 10 × 2 = 20

Total from creatures: 170xp


2 gold chains
1 gold chain w/ bloodstone gem inset
1 jeweled clasp

2 potions of healing
Batuzh’s fine plate mail
Batuzh’s fine shield
Batuzh’s fine mace
Clerical scroll of Hold Person
Wand of Paralization

Total treasure xp: 1589

Other xp:

Determining the ID of the bodies in the basement: 500xp
Thwarting Batuzh’s mission: 1500xp

Total xp for this session: 3759xp
Per person: 752xp
With bonus: 789xp

A Traitor in the Midst?

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Apprentice
  • Maggy the Dwarven Veteran
  • Mialee the Elven Veteran-Medium
  • Sephora the Acolyte
  • Sheena the Medium

Date: 9th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

The party was met again in the morning by Thakinfar, who was authorised by the Castellan to pay 10gp per hobgoblin ears, as well as offer 10gp per other monstrous ears (such as orcs) and possibly more for tougher monsters. He also offered 200gp per person if they would continue their working on clearing and mapping out the caves area. They were also introduced to Sephora, a new acolyte, who joined them on their quest. Thakinfar then led them to the bank, where he paid out gold for the goblin and hobgoblin ears. The party then deposited their money and purchased equipment. They also rested for three days to recover from wounds received.

The party approached Blukinfar, the priest of Lathander, requesting more healing potions. An acolyte suggested that a recently-arrived priest of Tymora may also have some for sale. Blukinfar was only able to offered 2 potions at 100gp each. Blukinfar also informed them of the archery competition that will occur in six days. He offered to sponsor Hogart and Mialee, and the prize will be 100gp.

The party then tracked down Batuzh, the priest of Tymora, who was accompanied by his two acolytes, each under a vow of silence. Batuzh was willing to sell two potions for 175gp each.

After that, the party set out to explore the marsh to the south of the river. Crossing without event, they encountered a mound which turned out to be a home to several aggressive lizardmen. After a quick battle, where they poured burning oil into the top of their home, the few remaining lizardmen and their young fled. Inside the mound, the party found a few eggs and some simple weapons.

The party then headed north, camping for the night in the forest near the meadow, to approach the undead being in the burial mound again. Sephora tried to use his ability to turn undead, but it only had the effect of enraging the creature. After calming down, he revealed more information, and seemed to recall the name Batuzh as being one of the other members of the church of Bhaal, subordinate to Norkuling.

The party then set off in search of the caves again, this time approaching them from the top of the valley, rather than from the floor. Discovering a cave hidden behind a bush, Maggy stuck her head inside, quickly pulling them back when two arrows came flying towards them, fired by gnolls who had heard them coming. Sheena quickly put all four of them to sleep, and the party dispatched them. Exploring deeper, they encountered eight more – 3 males, 5 females. Mialee put four of them to sleep, but the rest attacked. Once two more fell, the other two retreated to go find backup.

The party then withdrew from the caves and decided to head back to the Keep.

End date: 14th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince.

Monsters slain:
Lizardmen: 7 * 25xp = 175xp
Gnolls: 6 * 20xp = 120xp

Treasures gained:

22 cp
16 sp
9 ep
= 6.32xp

Bonus for interrogating the creature in the mound and interactions with Blukinfar: 500xp

Total xp: 801.22 / 5 * 5% = 168xp each

On Goblins and Hobgoblins

On the night of the 7th of Mirtul, after the first encounters with the goblins in their cave, followed by the pursuing Hobgoblins (who then withdrew), the group withdrew from the canyon of the caves into the forest to camp for the night. After finding a suitable spot, everyone hunkered down and brought out the provisions. Munching on a slice of bread with some cheese, Hogart asks, “What were those other creatures? I’ve seen goblins before, once, but never those others. They were like bigger, meaner goblins, and yet uglier, if that’s possible.”

“Those were hobgoblins, and they are bigger, meaner, uglier, stronger, and much smarter than their distant goblin cousins,” replied Mialee. “I have studied their language and their ways, and they are uncivilized and cruel, and long to wage war against the civilized world. They will take slaves, both as food and as forced labour. My people have waged war with them since we first came into contact.” Mialee spits harshly at the ground beneath her feet.

“Aye, as have my people against the goblins,” spits Maggy as well. “These brutes may be weak and small, but they breed more than anything else that walks on two legs, and we are losing our battle against them. They are driving us from the north, and we do not have the strength to stand in their way. Every if for every dwarf that was killed, we could kill one thousand goblins, their numbers would still be too many. I spit at them and their accursed Maglubiyet!”

“Speak not his name!” retorted Mialee quickly. “You never know when Fiery-Eyes may be listening.”

“Fiery eyes?” asked Sheena.

“The accursed deity of both of these cruel races,” explained Mialee. “They say he is a goblin as tall as a giant, black skinned, with flames flickering out of his eyes. I have heard that he calls Acheron his home”

“You both know so much about these races. What do you know that may help us tomorrow?” inquired Sheena further.

“They are both brutish races, but the goblins are less organized and more fearful. Both respect strength and fear magic, and both are ruled by the strongest amongst them. If their leader is removed, others will try and rise up to take their place, possibly involving conflicts amongst themselves. Removing their chieftains will deal them significant blows,” elaborated Maggy. “Now the sun is set, and it may be a long night to be so close to these foul creatures. I will retire. Wake me when it is my watch.”

Somewhere, way off in the distance, a wolf could be heard howling.


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