East Van Stabbing Party

The Rescue of Jelenneth

Also: Going Cave Fishing!

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Warrior-Seer
  • Sephora the Adept
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

After recovering from the damaging piercer attack, the party examined the shaft leading down to the lower levels. The acrid scent of burning oil filled their noses, the effect of some oil lanterns burning at the bottom of the ladder.

Descending, they investigated the first side-chamber, encountering a cabin, wherein could be heard men gambling at a dice game. Upon encountering them, the party informed them that they were looking for Jelenneth. One of the men offered to take them to Imrin, who he claimed may have more information.

He led them back through the other tunnel, but was spotted by Caswell the halfling, bound and gagged on Hogart’s back. Caswell squirmed and moaned as loudly as possible, giving away Hogart’s hiding position. The man lept back, drawing his sword, yelling “Betrayers!” He attacked, yelling to further down the cavern, where another man emerged from a cabin. The other men joined the fray, but as they were cut down, one ran down the long tunnel, and the other ran back to his cabin, holding the door shut behind him.

Maggie and Hogart sped off after the one who fled, while Sheena jammed the door of the cabin with iron spikes, sealing the man inside. Kuiper and Mialee followed after Maggie and Hogart, while Sephora explored the far side of the cavern, discovering something shiny on a ledge at the far side of a dark pool. She followed the ledge, discovering a severed hand bearing two gold rings. As she grabbed it, a huge pale eel sprang from the water like a spear, lashing at her as she ran to safety, narrowly avoiding being dragged into the dark pool.

Chasing the other bandit, Maggie and Hogart encounter a swarm of zombies, led by the priest Imrin. A fierce battle ensued, but Imrin was subdued by Mialee’s sleep spell, and the rest of the zombies were put down.

At the end of the cavern, they found the lair of some cultists, with bedding and supplies strewn about, as well as an altar to Bhaal, recently used to give a sacrifice. At the back of the cavern, they found Jelenneth, bound and asleep. They roused her, learning that another prisoner, Rhaine, had been held here recently, and that other spellcasters are ferried elsewhere, while non-spellcasters are sacrificed on the altar. The cultists here seem to be in league with other groups operating in the area, and they sometimes exchange prisoners.

On the way out of the cave, they stopped to explore another side cavern. Upon entering the dark cavern, Sephora and Maggy were snagged by a sticky, strong line, which reel them up to near the roof of the cave, to where two cave fishers desired to make them their next meal. They tried to cut the lines with their weapons, but they all stuck or had no effect. Hogart and Kuiper climbed the wall up to the beasts, and Kuiper used his magical sort to cut Sephora’s line free, letting her tumble to the ground. She then blasted them all with the wand of paralysation, Kuiper and Hogart included. Using her scroll of remove paralysis, Hogart then took Kuiper’s sword, slew the two creatures and freed Maggy.

On the way out of the cave, they discovered that the other bandit had broken out of the cabin, and he was no where to be found.

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Enemies slain:

  • Human fighter Level 3 (2): 35 × 2 = 70xp
  • Human priest Level 4: 125xp
  • Zombies (10): 20 × 10 = 200xp

Enemies escaped:

  • Human fighter Level 3 (2)

XP from enemies: 395xp

Treasure acquired:

  • 10gp from one of the bandits
  • Priest scroll of cure light wounds, cure serious wounds, and remove paralysis
  • gold bracelet shaped like a writhing serpentine demoness
  • sapphire-set gold ring

XP from treasure: 1310xp

XP from rescuing Jelenneth: 2000xp

Total XP: 3705xp
Per party member (incl. Kuiper): 618xp
With 5% bonus: 648xp



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