East Van Stabbing Party

The Mystery of the New Mire

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Warrior-Seer
  • Sephora the Adept
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 7th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Meeting with Darius Carman, the party learned more about the New Mire. He explained that it started two years ago, and he had already hired a diviner to look into the issue. The only conclusion that he came to was that it was caused by some kind of magic, and that it wasn’t evil. He offered the party some money to patrol the area, and a large sum of 1000gp if they could solve the problem.

They then went to meet Semheis, a local priest of Torm, who only recently came to Milbourne. He isn’t that well liked by the local population, who generally revere Lathander and Chauntea, and Semheis is too pushy for their tastes. He was unimpressed that Seph followed Mielikki. They did learn that he had seen robed figures wandering around the last few days.

That night, back at the Baron of Mutton, the kenku returned and attempted to break into the party’s room, but Maggy was on watch, and resisted a spell thrown at her. The kenku fled, and was cornered outside by Hogart. A quick struggle ensued, and as the burglar got away, another Kenku webbed everyone, and then _charm_ed Hogart. The kenku claim that the party took the orb from them, but learned otherwise. While the party was webbed outside, others rifled through their things, looking for the orb. After that, they fled south of the river.

The next day, the party travelled to Kuiper’s farm to ask if Kuiper would join them while patrolling the New Mire. He declined, but told them about Shiraz. If anyone would help, it might be her. He mentioned that Garyld will be able to introduce her to them. From Garyld they learned that she is highly nomadic, almost never spending the night in the same place in a row. She is often found up near the Eelhold or in the forested part of the Patchwork Hills. He sent one of his crows out to deliver a message to her.

Back at the Baron of Mutton, the party learned from some local miners that there seems to be some kind of water spirit at the Eelhold, and Shiraz consorts with it somehow. Following this lead, the next day, the party set off for the Eelhold, reaching it after noon the next day. After a close encounter with a giant eel, they patrolled the shores of the lake, noticing on the other shore a strange water vortex spraying high into the air. Shiraz showed up them, telling them about the water elemental and the nixie Shenjurath, and how Shenjurath exerts some kind of control over the elemental, but that is weakening.

Shiraz also mentioned that she is having problems with the Aarakocra, a small tribe of bird-men who have set up home in the forested part of the Patchwork Hills. They are beset by nasty humanoids, and aren’t very capable of defending themselves.

They then set off for the New Mire itself, learning that it started at a particular point near the edge of the Patchwork Hills, and has spread from there. Patrolling near that area, the party came upon some kids, hiding behind a rock, watching for something. After some talk, they learned that they had spied some blue-skinned creatures in the area earlier that week. After further patrol, the party came across a cave, populated by many goblins. The goblins were not aggressive, and just wanted to be left alone.

After some talk, it was noticed that the shaman was uncomfortable, and wore a ring resembling a tattoo that was etched on all of the goblin’s foreheads. The shaman claimed the ring was a personal gift to him from Maglubiyet, the god of goblins. The party promised to share some gold if the goblins could help them solve the mystery. After getting no where, they decided they would come back the next day.

They spent the night at one of the flooded farmer’s households, returning in the morning to the cave entrance. The shaman was waiting out by the entrance for them, and he was promptly charmed by the wizards. Worried that he would not be respected by the group anymore, he requested that the party give him another item with the design on it, and Mialee carved for him a crudely done staff out of a stick of wood. They also gave him a bag of 100gp in exchange for the ring.

Session end date: 12th Kythorn, Year of the Prince

Monsters slain: none
Treasure acquired:

  • Ring from Goblin shaman


  • Dealing with the Kenku: 50xp
  • Locating and retrieving the ring from the goblins: 2500xp
  • Bonus for role-playing: 250xp

Per person: 2550/5 = 560xp
With 5% bonus: 588xp



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