East Van Stabbing Party

Slaughter of the Orcs

Kuiper trades in his horse for a lizard

Party Roster:


  • Kuiper the Ranger
  • Lander the Druid of Mielikki
  • Rhaine the Wizard
  • Snagger the Dwarf

Date: Unknown

After escaping from the orcs, Snirgl, surprised at the party’s success, guided through a maze of tunnels for an hour to a svirfneblin hiding spot. There they rested and talked to the rescued prisoners. Snagger was a dwarf travelling from Voonlar to visit his uncle Grizzler, when he was captured. The other members of his caravan will killed by the Bhaalites, while he was soon to be dinner for the orcs. Lander was a priest and cleric of Mielikki, who was captured while travelling south along the River Ashaba, heading to Archendale. His mercenary accompaniment was also sacrificed by the Bhaalites. Rhaine was captured several months ago by goblins, who then sold them to the Bhaalites, who in turn passed them to the orcs. The orcs had plans to sell Rhaine and Lander off to some other group, but they did not know what. They could only discern that the orcs feared this group.

Snagger expressed desire to exact revenge upon the orcs, while Rhaine desired to return to the surface and head back to his village, which had been attacked shortly before his capture. Lander wished to return to the surface and continue his tasks in Mielikki’s name, but pledged his service to the party for a short while in gratitude for his rescue. Both Rhaine and Lander said they would help out on an assault on the orcs.

After resting and preparing, the party snuck back into the orc caves, disguised as the priest of Bhaal, bringing in a prisoner. The ruse worked enough to let the party get close, and a series of escalating battles erupted, ending with all of the combatant orcs being killed, one of their giant lizard mounts captured, and the females and children escaping. Maggie and Sephora both drank some fishy-smelling potions that they found on the orc chieftain. Expecting to be able to breathe water, they were disappointed when they doubled over in pain, dealing with debilitating cramps for several minutes. Sephora then dove down into a fishing pond, and discovered a hidden leather pouch stashed away. They also discovered the front entrance to the orc cave – a massive iron door, barred from the inside.

After regrouping back in the svirfneblin maze, they expressed a desire to go after the “brain eaters”. Snirgl, shocked at their interest in doing so, recommended they return to the svirfneblin home to talk to Carmeneren. After meeting her at a designating meeting point, Carmeneren explained that the “brain eaters” are not nearby, and an expedition would have to be mounted to go after them. She explained that some had come before, to try to hunt them, and were never seen again, and that various other hazards await anyone down here.

After recognising the good deed the party has done by wiping out the orcs, Carmeneren invited them back to their tribal home, where she would elaborate on the dangers and how to survive down here.

Treasure acquired:

  • 105sp
  • 83gp
  • fine gold necklace with silver miniature skulls and real teeth
  • fine spear (which Lander has taken)
  • 35gp
  • 12pp
  • pair of gold elven bracelets
  • topaz-set silver ring
  • four mystery potions: two are clear and odorless, one is pink, feels warm, and smells slightly of burnt bread, and the last is dark green and syrupy, and smells a bit musty

XP (5th edition calculates XP a bit differently, so that’s what I’ll start using now):

  • Whole buncha orcs: 150 per character
  • Gaining information from the svirfneblin: 150 per character

Total xp: 300 per character

Date: Unknown



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