East Van Stabbing Party

On Druids and Rangers

Sharing some ale around a table at the cozy Baron of Mutton, Maggy turns to Sephora. “So who exactly are those folk who are so comfortable in the forest? Oleanne and Kuiper, I mean. I thought elves were the only ones who lived in the wild like that. And what was with Garyld using crows as messengers?”

Mialee interjects quickly, “Not only elves become rangers, and I certain that Kuiper is one of them. As for Oleanne, I believe she is a druid. They have perhaps an ever closer relationship to nature than elvenkind. Sephora, as a Walker of the Forest Way*, can you tell us more about druids and rangers?”

“Well, both rangers and druids are definitely closer to nature than most people. Rangers tend to focus on the lines between civilisation and nature, often roaming the wildlands around rural settlements, while quietly protecting them from unknown dangers. They are skilled hunters and trackers, often focusing their skills on a particular kind of threat that exists in an area. I would guess that the people here in Haranshire don’t really know how much Kuiper and Garyld protect them from threats such as orcs.”

“Druids tend to frown upon civilisation. They are at home more in the wilds, scorning most non-organic clothing and items. From what I gather, they enjoy the company of animals than to that of people. Often they strive to maintain the natural balance that nature creates, often fighting or driving away the forces of evil, but also sometimes those of good, who would destroy nature for the good of their own.”

“Both druids and rangers have an affinity with animals, and are often able to communicate with them as easily as we communicate with each other. Garyld demonstrated this when he asked the crows to deliver a message. I have no doubts that Oleanne is in close communication with her wolves. I believe that druids can even change into animals for a time. Druids even have their own secret language. I believe that’s what Oleanne and Kuiper were speaking when we first encountered them.”

“Druids are not only confined to forests, I believe, though all of the ones I’ve met have been. But I have heard rumours of druids that dwell in plains and mountains, and I have even heard a rumour of one druid who tends to nature in a swamp. I suppose,” Sephora looks towards Maggy, " there could even be a druid of the desert. Though how anything can live in Anauroch is beyond me."

“Hah,” scoffs Maggy, “that’s a story for another night.”

  • A follower of the goddess Mielikki, the goddess of forests, rangers, dryads, and forest creatures.



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