East Van Stabbing Party

Into the Underdark

and chatting with rats

Party Roster:

Date: 22th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince (very early morning)

Pursuing the priest of Bhaal and the two orcs, the party leaped across the threshold into the darkness, tumbling down some stairs in a tangle of limbs. They pursued the trail for a while, encountering the wounded orc lackey, who was quickly dispatched.

Following tunnel after tunnel, and cavern after cavern, the party eventually settled down to rest in a large cave. While preparing to bed down for the night, the party was attacked by a giant bat, which was quickly killed.

After sleeping uneventfully for a while, the party set off again, reaching a point where the orc trail diverged from the human trail. Following the human trail, they spoke with a group of giant rats, who informed them that the priest had been through here, and had slain two of their group.


The party continued after the human, but as they got ready to rest again, a deep gnome revealed his presence to the party, inquiring about what the party was up to. He explained how the prisoners are typically led to the orc caves, and offered a scout named Snirgl, who would guide them to the back entrance.

Snirgl led the party through fungus forests, where he gathered food, and along a freezing cold underground river. After reaching the orc caves and learning more carefully of the party’s intentions, he recommended that they speak with his tribal leader. After another hour of marching through a tunnel, they met with Carmeneren, leader of the svirfneblin tribe. She told them of how the humans bring the prisoners to the orcs, who then meet with the “brain eaters”, who then take the prisoners deeper underground. The deep gnomes can not openly assault the orcs of the brain eaters, as if their presence was made known, they would be hunted to extinction. She then bestowed the party with some potions and magical dusts, to aid them against the orcs.

After that, the party snuck into the back entrance to the orc cave, stunning two orc shamans and quickly dispatching the orc chieftain. They manage to rescue three prisoners chained to the walls: Snagger, a dwarf; Rhaine, an elven mage and Mialee’s ex lover; and Lander, the cleric of Mielikki that Sephora had seen in her visions. They grabbed the loot from the chieftain’s chest and fled back to the side tunnels.

Date: Unknown

Enemies slain:

  • Orc Lackey – 35xp
  • Piercer – 100xp
  • Giant bat – 50xp
  • Orc Chieftain – 100xp
  • Orc Shaman (2) – 300xp x2 – 600xp

Total from enemies: 885xp

Encounter with giant rats: 100xp

Treasure acquired:

  • 12 gp from Orc Lackey
  • four potions of healing (1 used?)
  • one potion of greater healing (used?)
  • one dust of disappearance
  • one dust of choking and sneezing

From Orc Chieftain:

  • 640cp
  • 570sp
  • 650ep
  • 1050gp
  • 365pp
  • one pearl
  • six zircon gems
  • two amethyst gems
  • ivory-handled dagger
  • two potions of healing
  • one potion of extra healing
  • one unknown potion

Total xp from treasure: 4528.4

Bonus for rescuing prisoners: 2000xp

Total xp: 7513.4

XP per person: 1502 xp per person (includes Kuiper)



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