East Van Stabbing Party

Into the Garlstone Mines

And Ambushed Along the River!

Party Roster:

  • Hogart the Robber
  • Maggy the Dwarven Warrior
  • Mialee the Elven Warrior-Seer
  • Sephora the Adept
  • Sheena the Seer

Date: 12th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

After taking the ring from the goblins, the party decided to seek out the wisdom of Shiraz, thinking she may be able to use the ring at the Eelhold. They skirted the Patchwork Hills, heading into the Thornwood, but then encountered the thick forest, where they couldn’t take their horses. The opted instead to head to the Eelhold and search for here there.

That night while camping in the grasslands, Sephora had an extremely vivid dream, potentially a vision from The Lady of the Forest herself, where she saw another cleric of Mielikki, potentially a druid, tied up and being beaten in a dark, stone-walled room by a tall human wearing an eye patch. At the cleric’s feet was a moon elf, also tied up, but this one was unconscious. He was garbed in wizard robes, and bore a silver ring set with a small ruby. The scene then suddenly changed, and she saw a young woman, with long black hair and green eyes in manacles and chained to the wall. At her feet lay a bright blue cloak. Her surroundings appeared to be that of an old, disused mine. Explaining her dream to the others, Mialee realised that the moon elf in the vision could be her lost lover.

The next day, they continued to the Eelhold to seek out Shiraz. Arriving in the morning, and waiting until the next morning, they encountered nothing, and then opted to head back to Garyld in Milbourne, where he could send her a message. He did so, and they would meet at the Eelhold in 2-3 days. They inquired about disused mines, and learned that the Garlstone mines were no longer in use. Garyld directed them to Old Grizzler, who sold them a map of the mines themselves.

They then visited Kuiper, who told them that the dream was likely a vision, as he had similarly received some from Chauntea previously. Upon learning of their plans to check out the Garlstone mines, Kuiper volunteered to join the party. They set out immediately camping along the river. At dawn they were attacked by the man with the eye-patch, accompanied by six fighters and archers. The fighters and archers were killed and subdued without difficulty, but the eye-patched spellcaster escaped, using a cloak that transformed into bat wings.

Three attackers were captured alive, but would not speak. They seemed to be in some kind of a trance. One eventually seemed to shake off the effects, but appeared to be amnesiac. After some debate, Kuiper told the amnesiac to seek out Garyld in the town, and the party untied the other two, who promptly sprinted for the river and started swimming across. They launched arrows at them, killing one, but the other made it across, and ran into the Thornwood.

The next day they made it to the mines, and had no problem finding the entrance. They entered, and Maggy triggered some kind of magical alarm, paralyzing her in the process, and emitting a screaming noise. Then footsteps could be heard running away from them, so the party gave chase while Hobart hid to protect Maggy. After the pursuers passed, a halfling slipped out of the shadows, brandishing a dagger and a wicked smile. He advanced up to Maggy, but Hogart slipped out behind him quietly, and stuck him in the back, wounding him slightly. The halfling screamed and cowered, dropping his weapons. He claimed they were wanders, who recently moved into the cave, setting the trap in case any unwanted orcs or goblins came in.

In the meantime, the others caught up with another halfling, who was running to the back of the cave. They quickly slew him, hid the body, and made their way back to the entrance. They tied up the other halfling, and carried him around while they explored the entrance level of the mine. While approaching a shaft to the next level, a piercer dropped from the ceiling, impaling Mialee and rendering her unconscious. She recovered by using two potions of healing.

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Enemies slain/captured:

  • Human fighter (2): 35 × 2 = 70
  • Human thief (3): 120 × 3 = 360
  • Halfling thief (2): 120 × 2 = 240

Treasure acquired:
161 gp
20 sp
1 ruby gem
high quality longbow
high quality longsword

XP: 933 total
Per person (shared with Kuiper): 156
with 5% bonus: 164xp each



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