East Van Stabbing Party

Death on the Moors

Party Roster:

Date: 16th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

The party emerged from the Garlstone Mines, back into the bright afternoon sunlight. They made their way back to Milborne, with new of Jelenneth’s rescue spreading as they approached. A good portion of the town was there waiting for them, including Andrenn, Jelenneth’s fiancĂ©. Darius Carmen was also there, and exclaimed, “I guess this explains why you were not patrolling the New Mire as I had asked you.”

The party explained that they believe they had solved this mystery, but aren’t certain yet. They said the found some relics, but they had destroyed them, and were hoping the water would start to dissipate. Carmen said he would have to wait and see, and that hopefully some sign would show after two weeks. However, he paid the party their fee for the patrolling.

Kuiper rode off back to his farm, while the party spent the night feasting and drinking at the Baron of Mutton. The next day they set off, stopping by Kuiper’s farm, and learning that there has been no sign of Oleanne, though he commented that this wasn’t unusual. He would venture into the Thornwood in an attempt to contact her.

The party then rode on to Thurmaster, meeting with Tauster, who had acquired some new guard dogs. He sold a valuable pearl to Sheena, which she used to identify the ring acquired from the goblins. It is a ring of water elemental control, but the magic has malfunctioned, and it’s leaking energy from the elemental plane of water into this world. Tauster provided the party with a note to Darius Carmen, giving his authority that he believes the ring was indeed causing the growth of the New Mire.

While they were eating at the Hound and Tails, the party was approached by the sour Squire Marlen, who informed them that Count Parlfray would have them at his keep, as soon as possible. After finishing with Tauster, the party set out immediately.

Upon arrival they learned that some followers of Lathander were expected to have arrived several days ago, but there has been no sign of them. They were to be coming over Howler’s Moor, and the Count is organising search parties to go out looking for them.

After retelling the vision that Sephora had of the cleric of Mielikki trapped in a stone room, the Count went white as a sheet, clamming up and avoiding all talk about such things. That night, the Mialee used her new familiar to explore the keep, finding no signs that anyone was being held captive. After being confronted in the morning about their snooping, the party charmed the Count, yet he still would not reveal what it was he was withholding. Instead, they convinced him to let his son Lyntern come out on patrol with them.

The party set off immediately, heading straight north across the blasted landscape, encountering nothing on the first day. At night, wolf-life howling noises could be heard coming from far off points, lasting about a minute.

Later the next day, the party came across animals, attacking two humanoids, who were trying to defend themselves. The animals turned out to be two-headed dogs. Two continued to attack the wounded humans, while the other four blocked the path towards the party. A fight ensued, and four of the dogs were slain, and the remaining two fled. One of the humans was also killed, but Sephora managed to heal the remaining one. He was a bodyguard for the clerics of Lathander, and he claimed that they were assaulted and the clerics were taken. He noted one prominent feature of one of the assailants: he had a mop of bright red hair.

Returning back to the Keep after one more night, the Count was furious to learn that he had been manipulated into letting his son come close to danger. After some arguing, the Count relented, explaining that his ancestors had previously built a Keep deep in the Thornwood, yet the inhabitants were all massacred while the Lord was away. This tained history has brought shame to the Parlfray family, and each has been forbidden to speak of it. The Count believes that it is likely that the bandits will be hiding out there.

The party set out immediately, meeting up with Kuiper, who was eager to join them. He also had not seen any more signs of Oleanne during his last few days spent in the Thornwood.

Date: 20th Kythorn, 1357, Year of the Prince

Enemies slain:

  • Death dogs (4): 400xp

Enemies escaped:

  • Death dogs (2): 50xp

XP from enemies: 450xp

Treasure acquired:

  • 50gp per person from Darius Carmen
  • 50gp per person from Tauster

XP from treasure: 500xp

XP per person: 190xp



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