East Van Stabbing Party

Back to Castellan Keep

Party Roster:


  • Lander the Druid of Mielikki
  • Rhaine the Wizard

Start date: Unknown

After wiping out the orcs, the party regrouped and met with Carmeneren, the leader of the svirfneblin tribe. She explained that the prisoners are being ferried deep down underground, and that the “brain eaters” are definitely involved, and that likely something even stronger is behind them. The furthest down the svirfneblin have scouted were on the edges of a place that the “brain eaters” call the City of the Glass Pool, but all they know is that it is inhabited by a race of foul fish-men. The “brain eaters” seem to have their own path down to the City, but it’s blocked off from access by others by powerful magic. The gnomes have found the exit near the orc caves, and usually try to monitor their movements. They warn the party that they should be careful, as once the brain eaters discover that the orcs have been wiped out, they may try and set some traps.

There is an alternate path down to the City, but there are many dangerous groups of creatures along the path, including lizardmen, rock trappers, stink-furs, flying brains, some kind of holy site filled with jellies, and diregund, evil short humanoids that are the sworn enemy of the svirfneblin. There is maybe yet one further path in the depths, but it is guarded by some kind of dragon, or dragon-like creature, and the gnomes have yet to explore what lies beyond, but detection magic has revealed that there is some source of powerful magic there, as well as powerful barriers preventing further detection. The gnomes also suggested that the path down to the city would be aided if the party had access to magic that would help along the path, including magic that provided food, water, healing, the ability to climb or fly, see in the dark, and maybe even breathe underwater.

The party then made their way back up to the surface, learning the priests of Bhaal that they have been hunting had been spotted crossing the farmland, heading in the direction of the Thornwood, where the Keep lay. They also consulted with Tauster, who sold them some useful scrolls, and recommend they consult with his colleague in Tilverton, Shartöl, who may be able to provide more items. Snagger met up with his uncle, and left the party in Milborne, while Kuiper made his way back to his farm.

After this, they made their way back to Castellan Keep, just as the Keep came under attack. They found that the front gate had been opened, and a battle was raging inside the town area itself. Several hobgoblins guarding the gate were slain, and battle ensued against some gnolls, bugbears, followed by a champion minotaur. As the party slew these combatants, the inner gate opened, and the Castellan’s men charged out, blowing their horns and joining the battle.

End date: Flamerule 10 (roughly equivalent to mid July)

Items purchased:
4 x scroll of Darkvision
4 x scroll of fly
4 x scroll of spider climb
2x potion of healing
2 x holy water

Monsters Killed:

4x hobgoblins
2x gnolls
4x bugbears
1x minotaur

Total XP: 3050
Per party member: 3050 / 6 = 509xp



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